Business Hotel – Via Pirelli in Milan

Business Hotel – Via Pirelli in Milan

The project is set up as the renovation of the building for offices located in Via Pirelli 20.

Tekser’s activity includes the final design, acoustic consulting, fire prevention project, project puddle and made holes for heat exchange, consultancy in the process of procurement, energy consulting, management systems work, certification LEED and Commissioning protocol.

The building is spread over 2 undergrounf levels and 12 above ground.

The building, built in the early 50s of the last century, is characterised by a part basement -made up of the basement level and two floors – which takes up the trapezoidal shape of the lot, and by a tower element, rectangular, which develops for an additional nine levels.

The building is characterised by a further completely basement level which also houses a garage on the underside of the entrance courtyard.

The building has resigned for two years and the new owners intend to convert it back to a hotel.

The project provides for the raising of the part basement of two levels and the inclusion of a scale on the body of Via Pirelli tested to satisfy the requirements of fire prevention. The building includes hotel, rooms, restaurant and meeting rooms and is following the LEED Certification Protocol.