Nosedo purifier – Italy

Nosedo purifier – Italy

On 27/01/2014 Tekser S.r.l. with Milan Depur S.p.A. manager won the Legambiente environmental friendly innovation prize for the design and construction of the system of heat recovery from the purified wastewater at the site of the Milan Nosedo purifier.

The Nosedo purifier is the largest of the three depurators made for the city of Milan and it is at the service of 50% of the urban complex needs, ” regenerating” every year 150 million cubic meters of wastewater.

Our design activity is directed towards the exploitation of purified waste water ( minimum temperature of 10°C and maximum amounting to 24°C ) as thermal well in conjunction with reversing unity to pump of heat  for the climatisation of the following present buildings in site:

  • Building Decentralized Service and Representation;
  • Building General Services.

This solution allows significant optimizations under the profile of energetic consumption compared to traditional heating and cooling plants.

Later on, the aim of our consultation was the search of possible synergies between the site of the purifier Nosedo in Milan and possible external users to the purifier itself, specifically the buildings of the economic-popular building owned by ALER and the future new health complex and research of CERBA Foundation.