School Buildings

The New Procurement Code was published in the ” Gazzatta Ufficiale” of the 19 April 2016 as a Legislative Decree 50/2016 and it is in force from the time of its publication.

It implements the directives 2014/23/UE, 2014/24/UE and 2014/25/UE on the award of concession contracts, on public procurement of entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services, as well as for the reorganisation of the rules in force in the field of public contracts for works, services and supplies.

The art. 23, paragraph 1, letter h) states:

Designing in the field of public works is divided, according to three levels of successive technical insights, in technical and economic feasibility project, final and executive project and is aimed at ensuring:

[…] h) the rationalisation of design activities and related controls through the progressive use of specific methods and electronic tools such as constructionand infrastructure modelling;

In this context, the public administration has begun to include in tenders for public buildings design requirements for BIM model, that, although not yet in compulsory, they are a rewarding element in the assessment of the technical skills of the competitors.

Tekser has participated in several tenders for the construction of school building banished by the city of Milan, creating the final design of the plant in BIM model.