Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

Tekser is a partner of GRESB, an ESG rating, reporting and benchmarking system for the infrastructure and real estate sector recognized globally and which has become the reference standard for developers, investors and managers from all over the world.

Based on the pillars of sustainability (ESG), GRESB analyses and evaluates real estate assets and / or entities in their management, performance and development components through data collection.

With this activity, Tekser supports the Client in finding and collecting main data in line with GRESB requirements that allow to measure the sustainability of investments, to improve the market visibility of the assets and to make them more attractive for investors.

Assessment process

ESG data gathering

Resposnse to the assessment

Score, star rating and ranking

Main advantages

Increase in the attractiveness of the assets

Improvement of ESG strategies

Identification of areas of improvement