Optimized management of buildings

The management and optimization of energy consumption and the maintenance of performance as planned during the project phase are strategic goals which cannot be reached without a smart monitoring and analysis activity of the most important data of the building.

Reduction in unplanned machine downtime

Optimization of maintenance time

Decrease in costs and breakdowns

Improvement of life cycle of the systems

Tekser provides a continuous assistance which can manage and develop all necessary retrofit actions in order to maintain the energy efficiency of the systems.

This activity includes the identification of solutions needed to control energy consumption by analysing their performance and studying their technical efficiency. These steps allow to optimize and monitor maintenance operations.

Moreover, Tekser, during this continuous commissioning activity, will find and suggest the best solutions to improve management and maintenance processes, to identify the best types of contracts and to join economic benefits for interventions aimed at saving energy.

Main advantages

The main advantage of the activity is the predictive maintenance of the building which allows to define and, in case, verify a correlation between an issue and the corresponding pattern of operative data.

Better performance thanks to the increase in technical professionalis

Better condition and i
ncrease in comfort

Increase in safety thanks to efficient and reliable systems

Continuity and regularity
of the systems

Consumption adaption
based on energy cost

Innovative management of the asset through new technological instruments