Certified sustainable buildings are quickly developing all over the world and, therefore, in Italy too, where these new constructions can represent a driving for economic recovery thanks to their potentials. Sustainability and construction merge to create buildings with a low environmental impact and certified by institutions as Green Building Council, which provides voluntary energy-environment sustainability certifications for new or refurbished buildings.

GBC Italia, highlighting the increase in umber of sustainable buildings in Italy, published the first Impact Report on certified sustainable construction in Italy with the aim to fight the climate change as stated by the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement of 2015, that, in order to be reached, ask for a tempestive planning and short-, medium- and long-term policies.

In the framework of the new sustainable Made in Italy, Tekser, partner of GBC Italia, provides consultancy services to obtain the main environmental certifications as LEED, WELL and BREEAM.


Viale Fulvio Testi 280, refurbishment of the offices building mentioned by the report published by GBC Italia. Tekser oversaw the consultancy to obtain the voluntary sustainability certification LEED, MEO systems design and construction works management.