Tekser S.r.l., together with the other companies of the group that won the tender called by the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, will be in charge of the MEP systems design in the framework of the refurbishment of the area that will host the Region’s new headquarter in Porto Vecchio, Trieste.

Porto Vecchio, with an almost 30 million square meter surface, was created in the second half of the XIX century and used to host freight warehouses which were then abandoned. The refurbishment intervention will affect Building 118, Warehouses 7 and 10 and Hangar 12 that will host around 1,200 employees. Porto Vecchio will therefore live again thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions such as e-mobility.

The new offices will be design with BIM methodology, which allows to merge information related to the several professions in one single model thanks to advanced modelling tools.