HVAC systems design

An environment with the best thermohydrometric conditions is paramount to ensure the well-being of the occupants.

Tekser’s designers, thanks to their proven experience, can suggest innovative solutions to ensure design conditions, indoor comfort and required functionality.
Our design skills include civil and industrial air conditioning systems with traditional systems adapted to the needs of each project in compliance with national and/or international laws.

Sanitary water and waste systems design

Tekser keeps looking for innovative solutions concerning clean water supply and drainage systems focusing on water consumption reduction, dual network to supply toilet tanks, and solutions to dispose rainwater and blackwater as draining wells and trenches.

The need of hot sanitary water is usually implemented to renewable source systems (solar thermal or heat pumps supplied by geothermal source) mainly focusing on suitable solutions that can prevent the growth of bacteria (legionellosis).

Fire prevention systems design

Comfort is strictly linked to safety. This is why Tekser also provides fire prevention consultancies.

Professionals adapt the best fire prevention solutions implemented with cutting-edge detection and alarm technologies complying with main national and international laws and technical standards (fire prevention technical rules, UNI and NFPA regulations, etc.).

Tekser suggests different solutions which include extinguishing systems with automatic hydrants powered by gas, water mist or foam and provides the best skills and care during the whole design and installation process.

Electrical systems design

Tekser designs motive power and lighting systems aimed at supporting electricity demand according to the Client’s requirements and always in compliance with laws in relation to the intended use of the areas.

Our 26-year-long experience in several sectors allows us to support the Client during the proposal phase by optimizing system installation costs and time.

Every project includes a power distribution system designed to provide safety and maintenance both of the system and of people that use it throughout the years.

Special systems design

Tekser designs special equipment systems both in the “security” and “safety” fields, which are related to the use and needs of the Clients always taking into account cost control.

Anti-intrusion, access control, video surveillance, anti-theft and anti-tempering systems are developed individually or in highly technological integrated systems.

Smoke detection and sound systems for evacuation ensure the security and safety of people in compliance with the law.

Video conference, simultaneous translation, home theatre and similar systems allow the implementation of specialized applications.

Voice and data structured cabling systems allow the development of a hardware net which can work as a connection between information flows needed to manage and use sites.

Lighting engineering

Lighting systems designed by Tekser relies on the most innovative technologies to increase comfort and reduce fuel consumption.

Tekser offers lighting management systems that, taking advantage of natural light, provide a modulated use of the system and ensure comfort in full compliance with laws concerning both interior (UNI EN 12464) and external lighting. Tekser is aware of all the new products launched on the market and provides cost/benefit analyses with new technologies.

Our experts elaborate lighting calculations with appropriated software which allow them to show the Client the final system.

Construction works supervision

Tekser provides its Clients a construction works supervision service which includes on-site inspections in order to check the right execution of the ongoing project in compliance with contract terms and laws. Therefore, the Client will be constantly updated about the construction works progress and quality, with the aim to promote corrective actions if needed.

Moreover, our professionals support both companies and Clients in testing and final acceptance procedures and in technical-economic analyses to define and keep under control possible change orders.

Acoustic design

Noise pollution is an issue that strongly affects the quality of life in the urban environment.

Tekser is able to assess the noise impact of a structure in relation to the environment that surrounds it through tests, simulations, sound measurements and calculations of exposure levels.

Our professionals ensure the containment of any sound discomfort in order to make the environment of the building and the surrounding area more comfortable, acting both on passive acoustic performance envelope and on systems.

Due Diligence

Due diligence ensures the Client the correct identification of technological systems.

Tekser analyses the consultable data of the existing documentation to verify the conformity of the systems and their compliance with functional and performance requirements, certification and regulators.

Thanks to this analysis, our professionals identify the best solutions for potential adaptation activities, in particular:

  • cost and time needed for immediate actions in order to align examined systems to regulations;
  • maintenance and management costs of the examined technological systems;
  • adaptation interventions needed for energy efficiency or to solve other functional or performance issues
BIM Design

BIM process allows to develop digital information models that make information exchange easier during the whole design phase providing constantly updated geometric, quantitative and qualitative project information and are an important tool to create project documents as 2D drawings, tables, technical data sheets and material lists.

Tekser can design systems through BIM process according to the LOD (Level of Development) required during the different phases of the project.

Economic and technical feasibility study

Functionality, affordability, environmental comfort and energy efficiency are the keystones of every project. Tekser’s designer analyse costs and advantages of every single solution in order to establish the most advantageous options concerning construction and management costs.

The comparison between different solutions allows investors to choose the best one in terms of performance, installation and management costs. Moreover, Tekser provides several useful options to reduce energy consumption, to improve the energy rating of the building, to access potential incentives and to reduce costs.

Before the design phase, Tekser carries out technical feasibility studies in order to provide the Client an analysis with alternatives that can be taken into account.

Through on-site inspections, energy studies, economic statements and regulation analyses, Tekser will provide a consultancy to everyone who wants to start new projects.

CDF and dynamic simulations

A major design is always preceded by an accurate preparatory study. Tekser uses the most cutting-edge software to evaluate in thermos-fluid-dynamic terms a building sample and therefore to immediately define the performance of a real or virtual prototype, thus allowing the optimization of the system even before the effective fulfilment.

CDF (Computational Fluid Dynamics) techniques play a major role in the design of HVAC systems by making it more effective and flexible compared to traditional methods adopted to preventively study the behaviour of the systems and the reachable comfort. This approach allows to optimize systems during the design phase, to provide a better construction phase and to save money and time.

With dynamic simulations it is possible to develop a complex building in energy terms analysing energy exchange caused by the interaction between the external environment and the building-plant system. By modifying some variables, it is also possible to obtain results concerning the different energy requirement profiles and to verify the cost/benefit ratio.

Functional and technical administrative testing

Tekser has the skills to carry out functional and technical administrative testing for public and private Clients thanks to the experience of its professionals in terms of technical and economic evaluation of pros and cons of technological systems.

In more detail, technical-administrative testing includes:

  • a correspondence between documents and the construction, highlighting and determining possible differences;
  • the compliance with regulations of the plants.

Analysis is developed based on laws into force and include both visual inspections and instrumental tests. After all the verification process, a testing certificate will be issued.

Law certification and procedures

Tekser supports its Clients during all the authorization process to obtain the certificate of residence and, if required by authorities, in issuing all the procedures concerning connections and underground utilities.

In particular, Tekser prearranges needed documents to obtain the certificate of residence (technical report in compliance with former Law 10/91 and s.m.i., definitive project for permits in compliance with L. 37/08).

Moreover, our professionals are qualified to issue the Energy Performance Certification (EPC).

Energy simulations

Tekser provides its Clients a consultancy activity aimed at obtaining a significant improvement in the energy rating of a building through specific activities.

First of all, the energy class of the building at its project stage is verified. Then, our professionals look for the best envelope and plant efficiency and optimization measures through the current energy certification procedure to share critical issues in complex frameworks with bodies in charge.

Tekser’s energy simulations allow to better understand the energy consequences of architectural and system choices. Through simulations it is possible to study thermal and energy features not only by highlighting potential improvements of existing buildings, but also by quantifying the advantages and disadvantages related to the several design options for buildings which are not built yet.

Since the preliminary phase, therefore, Tekser’s energy professionals can interact with architects and structuralists stressing the energy features of a building with respect to architectural, structural and technological options.