Rael Estate Development Corio S.r.l.

Rael Estate Development Corio S.r.l.

The final design of air conditioning systems, fire protection, electrical and special pH design, a complex consisting of two buildings ( Tower and Monolith ) with production and administrative and commercial destination to be carried out in the two site area in Milan, via Anna Kuliscioff.

The main features of the project are:

Tower Building: offices in ” transparent cone Tower ” on nine floors of which the ground floor with entrance/reception, restaurant area, educational area and 8 offices with a total gross floor area of 4172 m. ; in addition, two underground floors to be used as a garage.

– Monolith Building: offices and production space on four floors with a total gross area of 3976 s. m., on top of  two underground  floors.

Cooling capacity: 650kW for the Building Tower and 500 kW for the Building Monolith.
Innovative solutions: transparent  double-skin façade evolved, polyvalent groups connected to water, primary air systems and chilled beams.